Emorya Sports $EMRS

Emorya will launch its sports application for the users, which will help to count burning calories and count their steps to give the output. The users will purchase $EMR with their funds, which will provide them with the option to mine $EMRS. They will be able to hold up to the limit of 30% of the amount currently in $ the $EMR at the first level from the Emorya application wich can increase up to level 100, where the separation from $EMR takes place.
Emorya - Sports
The amount of $EMRS awarded to each user of the app will be proportional to the daily amount of calories they burn. We will provide substantial prizes following the goals that are established as well as the challenges that are proposed by the fitness instructors that we collaborate with.
Because of features like Staking, Hyper Deflation, Burn, Buy-Back, 3% Holder, calorie mining, and many more, we believe that the Emorya Ecosystem is the most expedient route towards achieving economic freedom that is now available.

Mission and Vision

Today, time flies tremendously rapidly, with each of us typically wasting it at a job we don’t want, living a life for others, and always looking forward to the weekend or vacation to finally be what we truly desire: FREE.
EmoryaSports is a modern and innovative platform with a wider concept to make people healthy and wealthy through its mission. The mission of Emorya is to promote healthier activities among people where they can focus on their health and earn money. The users will have a perfect platform where the users can make money through mining Emorya token.
This will help people use the latest technology to promote the positive use of technology. The vision of Emorya is to enable people to live a perfect and healthy life with harmony and prosperity where they can get into productive sports activities, which also give money. This will help to grow blockchain technology in every corner of the world.


Emorya is a hyper deflationary platform with a wider and more robust ecosystem based on a competitive network of Elrond blockchain. The ecosystem of Emorya is perfect and complete as it entails two tokens, $EMRS and $EMR. Both tokens are important in the platform and interact with blockchain exchange and transfer. The ecosystem entails NFTs, dApp, Liquidity, Burning, and Staking.

Hyper Deflaionary Platform

Emorya is a deflationary cryptocurrency, meaning its supply will decrease as time passes. This indicates that its worth will continue to rise as long as there is a steady demand for it. When the value of a currency dramatically decreases in a shorter amount of time than usual, this economic phenomenon is known as hyper deflation. As a result of this growth, debts will become more severe because the real worth of goods and services will have increased while the currency’s value will have decreased.

EmoryaSports NFTs

Emorya Platform incorporates NFTs into its ecosystem, which increases its dependability and profitability. The acronym NFT refers to non-fungible tokens (NFTs), cryptographic assets based on blockchain technology. They cannot be traded or exchanged similarly to other cryptographic assets.
The Emorya sports program will have a component of NFTs that will be generated automatically for each user. They will be responsible for increasing their character and level based on their sports abilities. Depending on the application’s level, users will eventually be able to get greater rewards/calories and even divorce themselves from the investment in the $EMR. Here, people can sell their nft or participate in auctions.
There will be types of NFTs available for purchase, such as owned NFTs and sports equipment (t-shirts, suits, bracelets, and accessories) – through which users may earn greater rewards/calories. The NFTs will also advance users to the next application level and instantly unlock new opportunities.
The fourth form of NFTs has sentimental value, allowing consumers to meet a world-class athlete and other applicable benefits.

EmoryaSports dApp

A decentralized application (dApp) is an application that may operate independently, generally through the use of smart contracts, and which runs on a decentralized computing, blockchain, or other distributed ledger system. Similar to regular programs, DApps provide users with some function or utility. As Emorya is a hyper deflationary currency meant to gain value with each transaction, a portion of its value is distributed directly to users of the EmoryaSport app in exchange for calories burned.
Users can still retrieve transferred monies on the Elrond network by logging in using their preferred method (Maiar extension or Maiar application). If they decide to connect via the Maiar application, the next step is to Return to the site. The final step is Claim, where 10% of the purchased coins will be visible in the tokens area of Elrond Wallet, and the remaining 90% can be viewed in the inquiry section.

Emorya Liquidity

Emorya ensures that purchases made by token holders are immediately held for liquidity. The major goal is to communicate with stockholders about the success while avoiding Whale declines. It is self-contained, and our goal is to give the owners a facility that serves two purposes. Once a stable price has been established, the contractors collect tokens from individuals who sell them and deposit them into the Lp.
Second, this is a fluctuation barrier, guaranteeing that the owners’ price remains stable. In addition to replicating the process, cost stability provides owners with a platform for contingent costs. The major purpose is to prevent a hyper-distribution of token values when Whale plans to sell their tokens in this market, hence impeding price stabilization.

Burning $EMR Process

In some circumstances, burns are necessary, but not in others. During the first phases, continuous burn on a single protocol is convenient, but the burn cannot be restricted or managed in any way.
Controlled burns are encouraged because team achievements help keep the community informed and receptive to new knowledge. The Emorya will also oversee the burn, overseen by a team of doctors. Professionals will preserve and enhance a healthy balance for the benefit of the general populace and to ensure their well-being.
Other feasible alternatives include marketing and monitoring the conditions and proportions of the programmed burn. Emory’s innovative and modern approach aims to establish a long-term burn strategy that is beneficial and enjoyable for participants. Manual burns are also excellent for rewarding and instructing community members. The causes and frequency of manual burning are made public and continuously monitored.
The burning of Emorya Tokens will continue indefinitely following each transaction. The absolute number of destroyed coins is presented on our website’s readout, allowing for greater clarity when estimating the current supply in circulation at any time.

Hyper Deflaionary Platform

Emorya utilizes the Elrond platform on which it is presently based (Elrond Smart Chain), both environmentally friendly and sustainable, and the proof-of-stake algorithm. In addition to being the largest cryptocurrency exchange by trade volume, Elrond also provides superior staking services. Elrond
Staking assures the safety of user funds through the deployment of special security measures and the provision of a Secure Asset Fund for Users (SAFU). At the time of writing, our staking method is undeniably one of the safest and most environmentally friendly passive income generation strategies with cryptocurrencies. For keeping track of all staked tokens, the platform employs a secure wallet and a process of double-checking.
As more people, particularly institutional investors, become aware of the potential profitability of the cryptocurrency market, Emorya is rapidly becoming a method for generating passive income by keeping or locking funds in a wallet.
Emorya staking systems are advantageous because they enable investors with minimal technical knowledge of cryptocurrencies to stake proof of stake (PoS) tokens and earn rewards. This is because staking cryptocurrencies involves specialized cryptographic knowledge and compliance criteria that are not always accessible to the general public.
Because the staking network equips you with the essential knowledge and abilities and the capacity to authenticate stakes, you can earn substantial returns on your investment with less time and effort. As a result of the exponential growth of bitcoin staking, staking platforms that enable investors to collect staking incentives have increased everywhere. This is the place to be if you are interested in passively earning Emorya Tokens through staking.

Tokend Details

Name Emorya
Tokens Emorya ($EMR) & EmoryaSports ($EMRS)
Blockchain Elrond
Total Supply
Token Distribution
Public Pre-sale 24%
Public Sale 20%
Guarantee Funds and staking 30%
Marketing & Innovation 10%
Team 10%
Private sale 6%
Pre-sale release :
10% Unlocked
90% Vested (10% per Month unlocked after 1 Year)

Emorya Road map (V1.0)


  • We start to build Emorya technical paper. To gather the team around the project vision. To build a strategy for the implementation program.


  • Application Work, Advisors Meetings Website Completition, First Private Sell, White paper update
  • First Private Sell, White paper update, Media meet Emorya, Event presentation, Legal Opinion Audit.
  • First pre-sale, $EMR meets the ELROND, First tokens in the wallet, Starting Marketing, Build Communities, Events, Prepare for the Second Presale.
  • Second Pre-sale Early Test phase of EMORYA SPORTS App, Developing strategy for users programs. AIRDROP for $EMRSEmorya Sports Token. Staking and mining programs.
  • Second Pre-sale Early Test phase of EMORYASPORTS App, Developing strategy for users programs. AIRDROP for $EMRSEmorya Sports Token. Staking and mining programs.
  • Late Q1 – Coin Listing in process
  • NFT programs for users mining the $EMRS sector and launching EMORYA dApps to accelerate adoption and integrate tokens in a scalable economy.
  • Scaling the Proof of Concept moves toward the next step in designing a suitable roll-out strategy.
  • EMORYA team and partners arrangements joint ventures to support, develop, and grant for start-ups projects for ecosystem growth by giving more utility and adoption.
…more to update!